Mirós Barcelós, a dialogue between geniuses

During my period as a freelance graphic designer, I designed and art directed the graphic elements of the Mayoral Galeria d'Art's Mirós Barcelós exhibition that showcased 34 works of Joan Miró and Miquel Barceló: logotype, catalog of art and street banner of the exhibition, among other applications.

For the Mirós Barcelós logotype I make remember the spirit and imagination that both artists share with a typographical set of forms and counterforms. The blue color used on the catalog's cover, at the same time, connotes the serenity of the Mediterranean Sea and their so loved and inspiring island of Mallorca, common link of these two great geniuses of the contemporary art.

Book cover and spine
Spread page layout

Art exhibition curated by Biel Mesquida, artworks photography taken by Sònia Ros and designed by Adrià Lleó.